Holland’s First Weld In Australia

Holland’s First Weld In Australia

May 11, 2020

Holland LP continues to break ground in Australia by completing their very first flash-butt weld.

Beginning in 2019, Holland has been making their move overseas to Australia. There have been many steps that needed to be taken to make this transition, including shipping our flash-butt welding equipment over to Australia. Last month, Holland’s equipment made its move to Australia, which then needed to be unpacked and geared to start working. Now, we have completed our first flash-butt weld, which is a milestone in our move to Australia.

See below: General Manager Welding Technology Group, Shane Mayhill, giving detailed remote training from America to a very intelligent group of labor workers in Australia. Holland employees have pushed through the difficult circumstances of COVID-19 to continue making progress in all their endeavors, including making progress in Australia.

The highly qualified labor team that we worked with even named the Flash Butt Welder “Piper” to commemorate the first weld and to show their excitement over this new equipment that they’re eager to use in the future.