Rail Car Products & Services

Rail Car Products

Ensuring your cargo arrives at its destination safely and undamaged is the primary objective of Holland's line of rail car products, whether securing containers, safeguarding automobiles, or protecting lading against shifting en route. Used in broad applications such as container securement or in narrower product-specific applications, Holland can address your product transportation concerns. We are proud to have received TTX Company's Supplier Evaluation Committee (SECO) Excellent Supplier Award in 2019 as well as over 15 times in our history.

Rail Car Services

Holland provides a number of rail car services including rail car inspection and repair services with shop locations and mobile operating equipment and crews throughout North America. Our capabilities include rail car cleaning, both wet and dry available through fixed sites or on-demand/mobile basis. Rail car prepping includes the performance of pre-trip inspections and load containment repairs intended to keep rail cars in revenue service.

Rail Car Cleaning - Wet or Dry

Grain / Sugar / Coal / Flour / Aggregates


Military Flats / Grain Cars / Boxcars / Refrigerated Boxcars

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