Intelliweld® Origins

Intelliweld® Origins

September 16, 2022

When it comes to flash-butt rail welding, Holland is a name of force throughout the railroad industry. With over 250,000 welds performed annually and fifty years of mobile flash-butt welding experience, we’re proud to have years of knowledge and experience to drive our technology forward. What truly stands us apart from the competition is our Intelliweld® Control System.

In our history of mobile welding, we’ve used at least five different welding control systems and around 2014, the third-party control system we were utilizing discontinued their system. This put us in an interesting position for us to start developing our industry leading Intelliweld® Control System.

Holland’s Intelliweld® development team combined their 150 years of welding experience and what areas they did not particularly like about the older control systems used, to form a system that would not only handle the problems that were occurring previously but improve the system overall.

After a year of development and testing, the Intelliweld® system was officially rolled out onto our MobileWelders® being built.

By the end of 2017, our entire fleet of MobileWelders® had our proprietary control system which improved our welding efficiency and uptime.

This control system provides several features such as:

  • Real-time weld monitoring, control and diagnostics
  • Real-time automated data collection, weld parameter certification, charting and archiving
  • Real-time automated full fleet operational dashboard

Having the ability to remote into each of our welding fleet allows our weld quality team to dive into any issues to ensure that our customers are receiving the highest quality weld on the market.

With 2022 being the 50th anniversary of mobile flash-butt welding, this is just another stop in our welding history that has shown how dedicated Holland is to improving our welding processes and equipment to keep our customers railways moving safely and efficiently.

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