LB Foster Rail Train

LB Foster Rail Train

October 13, 2020

Holland is proud to have manufactured the latest rail train in partnership with LB Foster. This rail train is officially in service and on its way to Fort Stockton, Texas! Holland’s team of sales, purchasing, engineering, support groups and manufacturing experience designed and built this 6 tier, 60 pocket rail train.

At 1600 ft. in length, this rail train consists of a single tie down assembly, hydraulic ramp assemblies and blast doors at each end. The two-car unloading unit is capable of unloading 90-141 lb rail strings two at a time.

Bill McLaughlin, Holland’s Senior Manufacturing Engineer, added “Holland encourages these partnerships and relationships to support, develop and build the best ‘Long Rail Handling Equipment’ in the industry. It was a pleasure and rewarding experience working with LB Foster, Inc., to develop, design and build this.”

Holland is skilled in supplying custom or standard rail trains and unloader units. For more information on our rail train manufacturing capabilities, click here.