The Women of Holland

The Women of Holland

October 20, 2023

Women have played a part in the rail industry since its beginning, but it has largely been, and still is, predominantly male. Today, it’s exciting to see so many women leading Class 1 and other large rail organizations, but there is still work to bring more women into positions across the industry. Holland is an active member of the League of Railway Women and continues to build more pathways for women in our organization. Challenging how we have “always done things” and bringing in different perspectives is essential to remaining adaptive and innovative. Meet some of The Women of Holland who are helping shape our organization and our industry for the future.


Deb Wensel, Chief Financial Officer

I am the Executive Sponsor for Holland’s Diversity Advisory Council and Chief Financial Officer, which means I am responsible for all the organization’s financial activities.  I work with the Executives to ensure our company has the financial ability to maintain a vibrant financial outlook for the benefit of its employees, customers, suppliers, owners, and the communities in which we work.  I love working for Holland because I have the best team in the business & work alongside some amazing women. One of the key advantages of having a diverse workforce, particularly when it comes to women, is the ability to leverage a wider range of experiences and ideas. Companies with diverse leadership teams tend to outperform their peers, demonstrating the positive impact of diverse women in driving business success. I look forward to continuing the work of an equitable and diverse organization here at Holland.

Lori Mason, Director of Application Development

I am the Director of Application Development for Holland LP. My career centers around software development – providing ‘apps’ to our company to make our business more efficient. I love working for Holland because our Core values (Family, Respect, Partnership, Integrity, Improvement) are carried out every day. Holland is my second family!

Marlyne Herrera, Human Resources Coordinator

I have been with Holland for 4 years. I am an HR coordinator, so I get to process all the new employees and assist with their onboarding. I have really enjoyed working at Holland, I have a manager who encourages me to grow and welcomes my feedback and ideas. I am treated as an important member of our team. I enjoy interacting with new employees daily and being able to help them in any way that I can. I love that we have so many women in leadership positions here at Holland, it inspires younger women to grow in their positions and know that they can achieve their goals.

Rhea Franczyk, Regional Sales Manager

I have been with Holland for a few years, and I truly love what I do and the opportunities that I have been given. Not only do I work with supportive colleagues that I can learn from and that push me to take on new challenges but, I have been given countless moments to connect and work with so many fantastic people in the Rail industry.  Looking forward to my future with Holland, where not only I, but they too, are committed to continual growth, development and making a positive contribution to the rail industry going forward.

Samantha Kozak, Product Marketing Specialist

I’ve worked at Holland for a little over 5 years, and I’ve been so lucky to have been able to travel to some amazing places throughout North America to watch our field teams in action. We have some of the most intelligent and passionate individuals on our team, and I’m so glad I get to collaborate with them on a daily basis!


Shardenay McHerron, Learning & Development Specialist

I love the work life balance that Holland offers and the hard work that Holland puts in to maintaining a very diverse and equitable environment for everyone. This is achieved through regular training and workshops, as well as the implementation of policies that promote inclusion and equality. As the Learning and Development Specialist I design, conduct, & organize training programs here at Holland to improve employee performance and ensure organizational productivity.

Female Holland Employee

Taisha Poulin, National Sales Manager 

My favorite thing about working at Holland LP is the people I get to meet, the places I get to see and the real world knowledge and practical problem solving tools I have gained over the years. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow within my role and expand and share my knowledge of the Rail Industry.


Mary-Ann Westerhoff, Track Analyst Data Supervisor

I am a Track Analyst Data Supervisor for RMSS, which stands for Rail Measurement System & Services.  My team and I use Rangecam software to analyze rail and run reports.  Customers use this information to budget for rail replacement, preventing train derailments. I love working at Holland because of how much I get to interact with our customers. I really take pride in knowing I make a difference everyday with the services we provide.

Tiffany Wenrich, Marketing Director

If I had to pick one word that describes why I love working at Holland, it would be opportunity. I’ve been able to learn about and become a part of an industry that is so varied and vital. I’ve met fantastic people that have become friends. I’ve been mentored and developed in ways that have changed the trajectory of my career. AND I’ve been able to represent Holland on 3 continents (so far)!


Dea Bejester, Mechanical Designer/Drafter

My role as a mechanical designer/drafter began with a love of drawing.  Working at Holland allows me to work with engineers, all sorts of custom projects, and specialty drawings.


Karen Bainbridge, MOW Admin & Operation Excellence Sr Director

I lead our Administration Team and our Rail Train business at Holland.  In my role, I get to work with both Holland employees and Holland customers from all over the world on a daily basis, and this is the thing I like best about working at Holland.  To the young dreamers out there – Dream BIG, believe in yourself, work hard, never stop learning and surround yourself with great mentors!


Taryn Morris, Key Account Manager

I am the account owner of one of the largest Railroads in the industry, I am the go to for this Railroad for all of their needs and I represent them internally and externally. The partnership that we have is tremendous and our goals and values are aligned which makes being their representative a true honor. I love what I do at Holland as I feel it taps in to exactly who I am, and what I love to do, which is work with people and help solve problems. I also appreciate Holland’s Core Values as I think they make us a standout supplier in the industry. We, at Holland, truly value and treat each other as family. My husband and my stepdaughter’s mom are also in the industry, and I am so appreciative that we can bring our girls up in environments where they are able to see what working for good companies looks like. We are hopefully setting a positive example for their career paths in the future.


Mahjabeen Khan, Software Development Manager

I am a Software Development Manager at Holland LP, where I lead several software projects in the Track Geometry division. My passion for working at Holland arises from the direct impact my work has on our daily lives. I make a difference by creating software solutions that improve the safety and reliability of our tracks. I’ve grown immensely throughout my journey at Holland and have learned so much along the way. I work with a world-class team of engineers, and we are continually striving to deliver innovative solutions that drive positive change in the industry.

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