Holland Awarded 2023 CARS Innovation Award

Holland Awarded 2023 CARS Innovation Award

November 10, 2023

Holland is honored to have won the Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers (CARS) Innovation Award for 2023! Our Holland Automated Manganese Refurbishment (HAMR®) was the star of this award providing refurbishment to frogs and diamond inserts.

This service includes pre-weld material removal using plasma cutting, rail grinding, and robotically controlled welding procedures to build back the damaged are on these specialty track components. It provides higher quality, longer lasting repair and can be completed two to three times faster than the traditional repair welding process. This helps reduce costs and track maintenance time by eliminating the need for repetitive repairs.

To learn more about this service and how it has proved it’s performance, check out some of our resources below. Interested in seeing this service demoed for your railways? Send us a message to sales@hollandco.com.


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